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Newest Chess Site on the Web
Our goal was to create an easy to navigate, uncluttered, peaceful chess site
where players can simply enjoy the game of chess without all of the distractions.
We think we succeeded.

Chess Craft gives the players lots of options to control their environment. So players can use their screen space as they see fit and focus on the game rather than the site.

Also, we hate those annoying ads as much as you do, so we don't use them, and never will.

Easy to Navigate
From anywhere on the site, the menu bar is always available and simple to navigate.
Just click on the section you want to go to, and you're there.
No pulldowns. No sub-menus. No clutter. No hassle. Just clean quick navigation.

Highly Customizable
We want your interaction with Chess Craft to be as YOU want it, so we offer a large number of
player configurable settings so you control what you see on the site and how YOUR screen space is used.

Child Safe - COPPA Compliant
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was implemented to protect our children from online preditors.
Chess Craft is a COPPA compliant web site because we agree that it's important to keep our children safe.
Chess is an enjoyable game which has been shown to benefit young minds, and so our youth need a place where they can play in safety. At Chess Craft, players can sign up without giving us ANY private information, not even an email address. Furthermore, our players under the age of 13 can't challenge or send messages to anyone who they don't have a mutual Friend status with (meaning both players have to have given the other Friend status prior to interacting with them)
In short, children on Chess Craft can only communicate with people they know in real life.

Controlled Interaction
We designed Chess Craft so YOU are in control. You can specify:
If your online/offline status is shown
Which page you land on when you first log into the site
If Everybody, Only Friends, or Nobody can message you or challenge you to a game
If you get emails for opponent moves and/or other notifications
and more

A Large Variety of Sets
With 21 differenct piece sets and 33 different boards,
you have 693 different combinations to play with.
That's a new combo each and every day for almost 2 years!

Finding a Game is Easy

A simple graph displays all of the open invitations available to you.
If your rating doesn't fit the qualifications of the offering player, that game won't display on your chart.
To accept an offer, simply click on its button.

Flexible Player Searching
You can search for players based in name, rating, age, or place.
You can also find players currently online or exclude those on vacation.
Since most players look for a particular type of opponent to challenge,
you can save your search crtieria so you don't have to enter it every time.

Familiar Clubs
No need to learn a new layout just to navigate within a club. Clubs look and feel just like the site in general, as well as giving their members club-specific personal data, like: email address, avatar image, favorite quote, and more.

Age Specific Leader Board
Like to know where you're playing skill ranks? The Leader Board shows the top 10 players for each age group. So whether you fall into the Adult, Scholastic 13-17, or Scholastic 12 and younger age range, you'll always be able to tell how you rank versus your opponents.
Like a challenge? Use the Leader Board to track your progess as you climb the ranks.

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